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Digital MVNO and MVNE Reimagined

Elevate and accelerate your business success with Optiva’s proven, cloud-native, modular BSS and MVNO as a service

3 hours
to roll out new propositions

with 120 out-of-the-box (OOTB) templates and guided configuration flows

90 days
to launch new MVNO

with Open API integrations for payment, taxation and value added services hosted on Google Cloud

digital customer experience

with complete self-serve onboarding and care


by delivering personalized offering and real-time engagement

Elevate. Accelerate. Monetize.

Optiva’s cloud-native BSS and Optiva MVNO Hubs, powering MVNO as a service, will elevate and accelerate your unique approach to market and make it a success. Gain greater agility and commercial flexibility with our new delivery approach and launch new offers faster than ever. Build a loyal customer base by delighting them in real time.

Enabling MVNOs and MVNEs Globally

Key Benefits



With 20+ years of experience, supporting tens of MVNOs, MVNEs, and digital brands

Rich monetization


More than 120+ market-proven and

ready-to-use, OOTB product templates to configure and launch new, innovative, and competitive offers in minutes

Drive business


Built-in loyalty and acquisition plans and real-time triggering allow upsell/cross sell at right times, e.g., birthday, holiday, etc.


deployment approach

Launch Optiva MVNO Hubs on Google Cloud with pre-configured cloud-native BSS and payment, taxation, and value added services integration



Elevate and accelerate with MVNO as a service powered by Optiva MVNO Hubs on Google Cloud, architected for multi-tenancy and MNO agnostic



Multi-tenant, future-proof, feature-rich modular offering, including real-time charging and triggering, customer management, billing and invoicing, payment, and unified policy control



Standardised “plug and play” APIs

enable development of a true revenue-generating partner ecosystem, including payments, SIM card ordering, device financing, and more



Embedded automation to support customer service operations, software management, and test automation

Cuy Móvil and Optiva Case Study

MVNO in LATAM drives customer experience and business growth with Optiva

North American, Tier 1 operator in Canada, Partnered with Optiva to Drive Growth of its MVNO Operations

Middle East Service Provider Partnered with Optiva to Fast Track MVNO Launch and Deliver Innovative Offers and Exceptional Customer Experience

Case Studies From the Field

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