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Innovation and


Building the foundation for future BSS monetization











At Optiva, we believe that innovation is possible only by combining the most advanced technology foundation with disruptive functionality driven by future needs and an advanced delivery approach.











Optiva’s principles of BSS innovation

Flexible cloud deployment options

Facilitate cloud migration journey

Flexibility to support any cloud

Efficient compute usage for scalability & elasticity

Supports CSP during digital migration journey

Modern processes of cloud deployments (SRE, CI/CD)

Optiva offers cloud-native software on any private, public, or hybrid cloud, and harnesses public cloud technologies for private cloud deployments. Receive the full benefits of scalability, elasticity, and flexibility on your cloud of choice. Enjoy our proven track record with more than 60 customers on private and public clouds. Optiva delivers robust, telco-grade, and resilient software for mission-critical deployments with some of the industry’s largest telecoms using a site reliability engineering (SRE) approach for ensured SLA.

State-of-the-art technology powers Optiva products and delivers significant benefits

Optimize cloud economics
Smart scale in light of exponential service and traffic growth

Start small and scale

End-to-end automated testing suite

Optimized compute costs

Reduced operational TCO

Services driven by heavy 5G traffic, e.g., URLLC, massive IoT, and cross-industry use cases, will require CSPs to harness innovation and automation to ensure that costs, compute, and efforts are not scaling at the same rate. New capabilities and tools are required to disconnect traffic, process growth, and support use cases through differentiated value-based processing — from full to light or aggregated processing. Automation during launch testing to operations keeps overheads in check.

Low-code/No code
Eliminate the technical debt of customization

No costly customizations

Simplified offerings & market propositions 

Fast time to market

Improved process efficiency

Optiva solutions are managed centrally with no customizations. Products come with pre-configured, out-of-the-box (OOTB) templates for common use cases like prepaid mobile bundles, hierarchies, subscriptions, and more. New products can be rolled out within 3 hours with simple configurations. Optiva provides easy-to-understand and manage user interfaces (UI) for all configurations. Optiva starter pack can go live as a parallel or new stack in 90 days.

Evergreen software
Always up-to-date software with new functionalities

Constant flow of new features 

Gain control with quality gates

Quality with end-to-end test automation 

Efficient software lifecycle management

Optiva products are centrally managed with a single version across all cloud deployments. Following SaaS and public cloud deployments, Optiva delivers new updates through automated continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, allowing customers to enjoy updates and enhancements quarterly. Optiva provides you with an automated testing tool that runs 10x more tests in 1/10 of the time and effort so that you can ship faster and better.

Digital cloud architecture
Drive a partner ecosystem through openness and flexibility

Standardization with TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA) 

Access to real-time data streams

Foundation for partner ecosystem and easily integrable open APIs

SRE methodology

Optiva’s open APIs that are built on a digital cloud architecture approach along with standard REST APIs enable easy and fast integration to expand architecture and fast onboard of the partner ecosystem. Optiva’s real-time triggering combined with intelligent feedback loops can be developed into creating new and premium customer experiences(CXs). Use “CX as a new currency” to differentiate your 5G offerings, increase ARPU, and improve NPS. Custom build your own partner ecosystem with all relevant data streams available in real-time.

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