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Optiva Charging Engine on Google Cloud Transforms 1Global's Business Inside and Out

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Case Study in Numbers

50% Reduction

in Maintenance Windows

of non-critical activities

2 Hours

to test System Spin Up & 5 Minutes

for automated daily checks

9 S/W Rollouts

in one year with new features &

no disruption to business continuity

The Customer

1Global (previously Truphone), a global mobile network operator, provides mobile connectivity to consumer and enterprise segments and IoT devices to over 3,500 multinational enterprises. It is renowned for its technological breakthrough products offered worldwide. Headquartered in London, it has 15 offices across four continents and continues to expand globally.

The company, a global network of MVNOs united via a dedicated IP mobile core network to create a single international roaming “zone,” was an early adopter in OTT software to compete against traditional mobile operators.

1Global (previously Truphone) is riding the wave of digital transformation and IoT and exponentially growing its embedded eSIM business globally while putting customer experience at the forefront.

The Challenge

1Global (previously Truphone) wanted to plan well for the future in pursuit of its growth strategy. It knew its BSS could be its growth engine or biggest bottleneck.

It needed a realtime BSS to support flexible multiplay commercial models for existing and new business lines. Further, it required agile rollout of new functionalities and features derived from a complete end-to-end continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline to react quickly to market needs and autoscale capabilities. Finally, it also needed to ensure a robust and resilient “always-on” environment and a dynamic commercial model with minimal upfront investment and “pay-as-you-grow” method, offering ensured and efficient cloud economics.

In highly competitive markets like 5G and IoT, fast time to market and an experimental approach would enable it to fail or succeed with minimal costs, time, and effort. 1Global (previously Truphone) wanted to roll out new innovative products at speed and always keep offerings relevant and up to date for its global audience.

shutterstock_2259314129 BBG.jpg

With Optiva Charging Engine built on Google Cloud, Truphone can accelerate our digital transformation and technological innovation journey. We needed our online charging system (OCS) to be agile and robust, support rapid expansion, and scale easily — all without diverting our IT operation’s focus. CI/CD is a new approach in the traditional telecom industry, so it was important that Truphone gain trust in the new technology, adopt these tools and approach, and complete it on their side to ensure a fully automated acceptance process,” said Ralph Steffens, CEO of Truphone.