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All-in-one single-vendor application platforms: Justification and Use

Find why all-in-one single-vendor BSS applications are need of this hour

Previous approaches to OSS and BSS neither delivered the expected cost savings and agility nor did they support as much new revenue generation as hoped. CSPs should consider using single-vendor solutions when margins are most tight, so vendors must develop and market their offerings accordingly. CSPs should consider the following factors before using singlevendor solutions.

  • Do they deliver business value faster than multi-vendor solutions that need integration and custom developments?

  • Can CSPs that use a simplified configuration, development and tightly integrated approach react and deliver changes more quickly than those using a multi-vendor solution?

  • Do single-vendor solutions enable cost savings related to deployment, maintenance and operations?

Key recommendations:

  1. Vendors need to better sell the virtues of an all-in-one single-vendor solution to create true value for CSPs.

  2. CSPs should carefully consider the justifications for single-vendor, all in-one solutions when transforming their OSS and BSS platforms.

  3. CSPs should consider in which domains they should implement all-in one solutions.

Download the complete report to know more.

Download the full report here.

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