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TORONTO, July 6, 2020 – Optiva Inc. (TSX: OPT) announced it has been named a finalist for the 2020 Leading Lights Awards. The recognition is for its new Optiva BSS Platform, the telecom industry’s first SaaS, multi-tenant BSS platform on the public cloud, in the category of Most Innovative Telco Cloud Product Strategy (Vendor).


By leveraging public cloud capabilities and offering Optiva BSS Platform in a SaaS model, operators are able to enjoy an innovative and disruptive approach for delivering and operating a software application. Optiva BSS Platform provides operators with a fully managed, end-to-end, best-in-suite BSS stack. The SaaS model enables operators to eliminate on-premise installation and avoid managing data center, infrastructure, hardware and software lifecycles. They also save up to 80% of BSS total cost of ownership (TCO).


The SaaS model allows operators to rapidly deploy and roll out new services for faster time to market and greater value. Traditional customizations and change requests, often complex and expensive, are also eliminated. Instead, operators receive continual, automated rollout of new functionalities with no need for major version upgrades. 


“SaaS model on public cloud offers telecoms the opportunity to reclaim time and money and reinvest them to accelerate business growth and innovation,” said Shay Assaraf, CMO of Optiva. “We congratulate our team and thank Light Reading for recognizing Optiva BSS Platform as a finalist and innovative product.” 


Light Reading will celebrate the best in the telecommunications industry at the Leading Lights Awards on September 22, 2020, in Austin, TX, where the winners will be announced.


About Optiva Inc.:

Optiva Inc. is the leader in providing communication service providers (CSPs) worldwide with cloud-native revenue management software on the public cloud. Operators and MVNOs can integrate our best-of-breed charging engine into a BSS stack or deploy our fully managed, end-to-end, SaaS-based suite. Optiva solutions offer unmatched speed, scale, security and savings. Our market knowledge, analytical insights and unique Customer Success Program ensure telecoms are equipped to achieve their strategic business goals. Established in 1999, Optiva Inc. is on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: OPT). For more information, visit


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Ali Mahdavi

Optiva Named Finalist for 2020 Leading Lights Awards

Optiva BSS Platform recognized for innovative telco cloud product strategy

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