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TORONTO, September 14, 2022 — Optiva Inc. (TSX:OPT), a leading provider of mission-critical, cloud-native monetization and revenue management software, today announced the launch of the first 5G telecom charging solution to be transacted through Google Cloud Marketplace. Optiva Charging Engine is pre-integrated with Google Cloud, enabling CSPs to rapidly procure the software and subsequently connect to other parts of their architecture within ninety days.


The partnership allows CSPs to deploy Optiva Charging Engine in a multi-region Google Cloud configuration set up with a geo-redundant and high availability architecture. The collaboration and Optiva’s full SaaS public cloud converged charging solution will also enable CSPs to fast-track the launch of new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) businesses. CSPs will be able to rapidly add 4G and 5G wireless services to their portfolios, allowing them to better attract and retain customers. One of the first CSPs to take advantage of this new, rapid deployment model is a leading Canadian telecommunications and media company. 


The Optiva and Google Cloud partnership empowers CSPs to procure 5G billing and charging solutions on demand from Google Cloud Marketplace. Because Optiva’s solution is pre-integrated with Google Cloud as a full SaaS public cloud solution, CSPs can simplify procurement and operations, fast-track digital transformations and progress their journey to the cloud and edge. 


Optiva’s offering on Google Cloud allows operators to access new features with a centrally managed approach, allowing them to test new services in a fast/fail mode and focus on product differentiation, time to revenue for 5G use cases and customer experience. 


CSPs can also leverage the strength and performance of Google Cloud automation tools and site reliability engineering (SRE) methodologies that power Optiva Charging Engine. Google Cloud’s low latency network and cloud infrastructure economics empower operators to cost-effectively and flexibly monetize 5G, including consumer, enterprise and private 5G. Moreover, operators benefit from TM Forum Open APIs and open digital architecture, allowing easy self-serve use and on-the-fly insights with cloud-based, real-time, AI-driven data (learn more about the partnership). 


“Cloud-native technologies are critically important to communication service providers’ business innovation and transformation strategies,” said Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs, Google Cloud. “We’re pleased to have Optiva’s solution available on Google Cloud Marketplace and help telecommunication providers connect and implement the technologies needed to drive new innovations and enhance the customer experience.”


“Our partnership with Google Cloud is a catalyst for operators — affording them the transformational possibilities of cloud innovation and access to 5G ecosystem partners to accelerate their business success. To be the first 5G telecom charging solution transacted through Google Cloud Marketplace is thrilling and a testament to the creativity of our teams, cutting-edge technology and commitment to harnessing innovation for our customers,” said John Giere, CEO of Optiva.


About Optiva Inc.:

Optiva Inc. is a leading provider of mission-critical, cloud-native revenue management software for the telecommunications industry. Its products are delivered globally on the private and public cloud. The Company’s solutions help service providers maximize digital, 5G, IoT and emerging market opportunities to achieve business success. Established in 1999, Optiva Inc. is on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:OPT). For more information, visit 


For additional information, please contact: 


Optiva Media Contact: 

Misann Ellmaker 


Optiva Investor Relations Contact: 

Ali Mahdavi 

Optiva Launches First 5G Telecom Charging Solution Transacted Through Google Cloud Marketplace, Signals Advancement in Telecom Software Market

Full SaaS converged charging solution enables communication service providers (CSPs) to rapidly procure software, connect to existing architecture and monetize 5G and IoT use cases

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