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TORONTO, August 8, 2022 Optiva Inc. (“Optiva” or the “Company”) (TSX:OPT), a leader in providing communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide with cloud-native revenue management and monetization software on the private and public cloud, is pleased to announce the achievement of its fifth TM Forum Open API certification. The certification places Optiva in TM Forum’s Open API Conformance Silver Tier


Achieving the best industry standards and signing the Open Digital Architecture Manifesto (ODA) demonstrates Optiva’s investment in innovation and next-generation product modernization. Certifications awarded to date include the partner management and revenue domains.


Open API Conformance enables Optiva products to work more smoothly and efficiently, providing operators with a foundation for creating innovative offerings, new monetization opportunities and maximizing revenue. Certifications verify the successful implementation of Open APIs in commercial products and real-world deployments. It empowers Optiva customers to enable seamless connectivity, interoperability and portability across ecosystems. 


Optiva Charging Engine and Optiva BSS Platform provide operators with benefits through 5G-ready product modernization, partner ecosystem facilitation and standardization that supports monetization growth. They present new monetization opportunities in B2B2X markets with the capability to leverage 5G and partner ecosystems. Additionally, Optiva’s revolutionary fast-track delivery approach simplifies operations and enables providers to roll out new 5G use cases in just weeks and launch new MVNOs in 90 days. 


“Open APIs combined with Optiva’s converged digital experience accelerate operator’s business growth. We invested in achieving TM Forum Open API Conformance to further support operators in leveraging next-generation technologies and monetization opportunities. We are proud of this recognition and look forward to continuing our journey as a leader in product modernization, readying our customers for 5G success,” said Matt Halligan, CTO of Optiva.


“Optiva has shown its commitment to building and using industry-standard Open APIs to simplify and speed up integration, lower implementation and operating costs and deliver business value more rapidly to enable digital transformation throughout our industry. Congratulations to Optiva for reaching the silver level Open API conformance certification,” said George Glass, CTO of TM Forum. 


About Optiva Inc.:

Optiva Inc. is a leading provider of mission-critical, cloud-native revenue management software for the telecommunications industry. Its products are delivered globally on the private and public cloud. The Company’s solutions help service providers maximize digital, 5G, IoT and emerging market opportunities to achieve business success. Established in 1999, Optiva Inc. is on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:OPT). For more information, visit


For additional information, please contact: 

Optiva Media Contact: 

Misann Ellmaker 


Optiva Investor Relations Contact: 

Ali Mahdavi 

Optiva Achieves Silver Tier for TM Forum Open API Conformance Certification and Signs Open Digital Architecture Manifesto

Optiva further invests in next-generation product modernization to provide telecom operators with 5G-ready BSS, partner ecosystem facilitation and standardization supporting monetization growth

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