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Our TCO Practice and Case Studies

Discover how to save up to 80% on your BSS total cost of ownership by moving to the public cloud.

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Case Study in Numbers

45-60% TCO Savings

from on-premise setup to public cloud

Full TCO Analysis

is not just about infrastructure BUT

ALL direct and in-direct costs

Best Practices

Agile Process, Build Costs bottom up,

aggregate industry benchmarks

Why isTCO Comparison the Best Way to Evaluate Costs and Potential Savings?

Your TCO analysis needs to be comprehensive and include both direct and indirect costs. To get a complete view and achieve a successful exercise, look at internal and external costs, CAPEX vs. OPEX, and don't forget the hidden non-vendor costs.If a 360˚ view is what you are looking for, download the article to discover the cost streams to include and case studies of specific telecoms'


What cost streams are considered in a TCO analysis?