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MVNO/Es — Forget Business as Usual and Reimagine the Future

By John Giere, CEO,

Optiva • February 8, 2022

“Business as usual” will not work in the telecom BSS domain going forward. Emerging market forces, inflection technologies, and new business models are fundamentally altering the industry’s evolution, pace, and profitability pressures. It is time to embrace what is coming rather than to try and hold on to the past.

Operators spend on average 40% of their Opex to attract new customers. This is not the future. Market challengers, in particular MVNO/Es, are uniquely equipped to cost-effectively capture new customers by targeting specific customer segments and quickly delivering relevant, innovative offers.

“The success of 5G will be predicated on expansion to new market segments and creating a better customer experience. Thus, MVNO/Es have a business necessity to expand into new markets cost effectively. The Optiva MVNx Fast Track program can accelerate time to market and help CSPs personalise their engagements with enterprises and consumers in real-time, which lowers costs and significantly improves revenue opportunities,” said John Abraham, Principal Analyst, Analysys Mason.

Who Are the Trailblazers?

1. Cuy Móvil, a digitally-savvy MVNO, delivers an end-to-end digital customer experience, gaining competitive edge in its dynamic market.

2. Tier 1 Canadian operator launched diverse MVNO segment offerings, fast-tracking new brands to empower customers with ready-made and tailored plans in real time.

3. MVNO in LATAM grew its market segments and improved customer experience, shifting disposable SIM use to continued use and top-ups, leading to reduced churn, increased ARPU, and lifetime value.

Not Your Father’s BSS

The rise of MVNO/Es marks a major shift in what BSS platforms must deliver. To meet this market, Optiva developed a BSS MVNx Fast Track program. It enables MVNO/Es to launch and be live in production in 90 days or less. With accelerated business velocity, MVNO/Es can leverage our offering to service today’s market, where customer service, agility, and flexibility are critical competitive success factors.

The MVNx Fast Track program, built with cloud technology, applies a disruptive delivery methodology across private and public clouds. The result is flexibility, scalability, and automation for end-to-end operations. For example, MVNO/Es can change their service plans and roll them out in three hours or less.

Reimagined Benefits & Results

Today’s consumer and enterprise customers demand service providers deliver an exceptional experience and personalized services tailored to their needs. MVNx Fast Track makes this turnkey with a proven, flexible business support system that achieves:

  1. 100% digital customer experience, all-in-one, end-to-end solution

  2. Access to immediate upsell opportunities, including built-in loyalty and acquisition plans

  3. Minutes to launch feature-rich monetization capabilities with more than 120 market-proven, ready-to-use OOTB offers and digital experiences

  4. Modular, multi-tenant, future-proof solution with continuous new features and no software end of life

  5. Automation-enabled and embedded testing, management, and customer service, increasing agility and commercial flexibility

More than 60 MNOs, 5 MVNEs, and over a dozen MVNOs and digital brands globally leverage the benefits of Optiva’s proven software to accelerate their growth. Learn more about Optiva MVNx Fast Track program and schedule a meeting.

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CEO, Optiva

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