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A Telecom Operator's Holiday Wish List

By John Giere, CEO,

Optiva • December 22, 2021

Ahh, the holidays are full of good cheer. ‘Tis the season when you look to the new year, often with hopes and wishes. A thought sprung to my mind this weekend surrounded by all the lights and festivities and, of course, jolly Santa as I watched the eager children line up to ask him for presents this year. It got me thinking — if I were a CEO of a communications provider standing in line to see Santa, what presents would be on my list for he and his elves to deliver on Christmas day.

So, please enjoy my inaugural telco CEO Santa wish list. I hope a few will make you chuckle as that is part of the fun — and let’s dream big in the new year.

1. 5G Crystal Ball

What is the killer 5G use case? Operators did not foretell that the killer 4G app would be video or that telecom would enable the growth of YouTube and Netflix. Your 5G crystal ball will give you the clairvoyance to peer into and discover the future. Will the killer 5G use case be augmented reality simulcasts of sporting events, autonomous driving, 5G drones for businesses and enterprises, or something not yet imagined?

2. Keys to the Enterprise Kingdom

Some wish for car keys. Not telecom operators. For you, it’s the keys to accelerating your enterprise successes. With enterprise as the new holy grail, operators are working overtime to find new ways to gain and expand enterprise market share. Your keys gain you entry to search the kingdom, crack the safe and enjoy the gold.

3. Super SaaS Erector Set

Do you dream of a SaaS solution that performs and delivers as marketed? Your SaaS erector set is no toy. It’s a robust tool to architect a solution that will do as it claims — cost less than your current system, have no add-on expenses and reduce your Capex.

4. Meta — More Than a Name Change

A name change from Facebook to Meta is only the beginning. A telecom operator’s wish list would not be complete without it — Meta is paying for access through carriers to the metaverse and underwriting the 5G network.

5. 5G Hangover Holiday Kit

Does 5G hype have you down? The 5G fanfare, data, endless proclamations it will solve all the world’s problems — is a bit much after a while. The reality is that it costs money, and, as yet, the benefits are not clear financially. So, your 5G hangover kit is here to your rescue, and it includes a bottle of whiskey, chocolates, and a 6G relief package. Cheers and happy holidays!

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